Audit and Assurance

What is an audit?

A statutory audit is required by law to be carried out annually for certain business types by independent auditors to assess the accounts and records of an organisation. This is to ensure that they have been properly maintained, are accurate and comply with accounting standards.

What are the benefits of an audit?

Although a statutory audit is often viewed as a necessary cost, it can also provide many benefits. Even if a business does not require an audit, a non-statutory audit can still be invaluable, where our team will be able to:

  • Ensure compliance with all financial regulations and relevant legislation
  • Conduct a review of financial and management systems
  • Assess how well your business is performing
  • Provide advice and support based on the audited accounts

How can Downham Associates help?

Our team of qualified, professional auditors have extensive experience in carrying out all types of audit and are familiar with performing audits for a wide range of business types and industries. Above all, though, we want your annual audit to be not just a legal requirement, but an opportunity for us to add value to your business by assessing recent financial performance with a view to improving controls going forward.

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